Nathanella Egbe-Lakeru



Nathanella, who serves as the firm’s Operations Executive, brings a wealth of expertise in the realms of operations and project management, stakeholder engagement, training and development, and strategic communications.

With a distinguished background, Nathalie previously served as the Head of Projects at a prominent Healthcare Training and Consulting firm, where her responsibilities included overseeing projects, managing training initiatives, and optimizing administrative processes. Her proficiency in project management, coupled with a keen understanding of key administrative practices, has seamlessly translated into ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of our firm’s operations.

In her role, Nathalie is committed to upholding client-centric practices, prioritizing the anticipation and fulfilment of our clients' needs and preferences. Through her strategic approach, she not only ensures the seamless execution of tasks and processes but also fosters an environment that places a premium on client satisfaction.
Her dedication to stakeholder management ensures that all relevant parties are engaged and aligned, further contributing to the overall success of the firm.

Nathalie's multifaceted skill set and strategic mindset make her an invaluable asset to our firm, where she continues to play a pivotal role in driving operational excellence and promoting client-focused initiatives.