Personalised approach designed for you

We specialise in supporting high-income earners, entrepreneurs, private businesses, and their stakeholders with tailored solutions that align with your ambitions. As your globally connected advisor, we understand your unique concerns and are here to help you achieve measurable success.


Our family office services are provided by The Legacy Haus (TLH), a multifamily office tailored to meet the diverse legacy planning and wealth management needs of African families and individuals. With TLH, we provide warm, culturally sensitive solutions combined with cutting-edge professionalism to ensure the sustainability of African legacies across generations.

Catering to families, founders, managers, next-generation leaders, pro-athletes, entertainers, and affluent families, TLH offers comprehensive services across ten categories,:

  • Family Trust Services
  • Legal Advisory
  • Financial Planning & Private Wealth
  • Family Governance & Legacy Planning
  • Lifestyle Concierge
  • Family Business Advisory
  • Family Charities
  • Property Advisory
  • Tax Advisory
  • Advisor Coordination

Concerned about safeguarding your assets from potential risks & threats? We offer pragmatic solutions and legal structures to shield your assets. Using globally accepted ringfencing techniques, we segregate certain assets and deploy protective measures to ensure each class is adequately shielded from legal claims, financial difficulties, investment or business failures or unforeseen circumstances.

What we do
• Ring Fencing
• Asset Structuring & Distribution
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Asset Security

For years, we have assisted families that value succession planning. We deploy effective estate planning strategies to ensure that assets and beneficiaries are effectively taken care of.

We create structures to protect family assets, minimize tax, handle stakeholders and facilitate the seamless passing of wealth and assets to the next generation. This may involve wills, private trusts, lifetime gifts, powers of attorneys, intra-family sales, charitable planning & restructuring companies for your estate and business succession plans.

What we do
• Succession Planning
• Wills
• Private Trusts
• Stakeholder Management
• Lifetime Planning & Gifts

With our diverse sector expertise, we assist our clients in effectively negotiating contractual terms aligned with their commercial objectives. Whether it’s for the sale or purchase of assets, employment matters, partnership discussions, investor relations, there is no better time to negotiate terms than at the beginning of the relationship.

Our advisors are commercially astute and smart providing effective negotiators on your side. We structure our negotiations to meet your needs and you can be confident that your contracts are fair and reasonable, encouraging long term, amicable relationships.

What we do
• Representation
• Contract Administration
• Deal Structuring

We have sector-leading technical expertise in every field of commercial real estate & residential properties. We understand the regulatory and legal issues involved in secured lending for property purchases and provide comprehensive advisory services.

Whether you are buying or selling your own residence, acquiring or disposing of an investment asset or developing a new office, we have the right people help you navigate these important transactions.

What we do
• Real Estate Development
• Real Estate Investment
• Property Management
• Sale & Purchase of Properties
• Leases & Tenancies
• Commercial real estate

We work with collectors, creators and curators to protect the value of the objects they love. Whether it involves art, wine, classic cars, yachts, musical instruments, watches and jewellery or other luxury collectables, we understand the myriad of issues that can surround the curation or creation of these luxury assets.

We provide advise on the legal issues surrounding your rights, sales, commissioning, and lending or consignment to private galleries and public exhibitions. Where you own, or inherited a piece of art or a collectible luxury asset, we advise on how best to pass on these pieces whilst managing taxation.

What we do
• Acquisition & Sale
• Planning & Structuring
• Negotiation of contracts