Alternative Financing – When the Banks say no

Have you been told no by the banks because you did not meet their criteria for loans? Don’t take it personal!
The banks are rigid in terms of their criteria for loans and will decline your application for funding where your business does not meet the criteria. Many start-ups and SMEs do not qualify for bank loans for some of these reasons:

Funding your Start-up? Consider a SAFE

SAFE is a great way for startups to get funding and support from experienced investors. It works by giving startups a set amount of money upfront, in exchange for a percentage of the company. This percentage is usually much lower than what investors would normally get, so it’s a great deal for startups. SAFE also gives startups some time to grow and get more funding before they have to give up any equity.

Tips for Building a Compliant Tech Startup in Nigeria

Firstly, compliance means adherence to laws and regulations. Thus, a compliant startup or business follows the same logic. A compliant startup/business is a business that operates in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations

The valuation game and legal vehicles

We got used to the idea that most entrepreneurs set up companies with the aim of solving a problem and making profit while at it. Business growth and sustainability are some of the buzzwords when such discussions come up.

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