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We specialise in supporting entrepreneurs, private businesses, and their owners, offering tailored solutions to align with your ambitions. Whether you’re planning, expanding, integrating, or financing your personal or business affairs, we provide expert guidance to meet your needs.

As a CEO, owner/manager, or entrepreneur leading a private or family enterprise, you can rely on us as your globally connected advisor. We understand your owner mindset and can help you achieve real progress and measurable success.


Our multifamily office, The Legacy Haus (TLH), is the first African-focused multifamily office tailored to meet the diverse legacy planning and wealth management needs of African families and individuals. With TLH, we provide warm, culturally sensitive services combined with cutting-edge professionalism to ensure the sustainability of African legacies across generations.


Catering to founders, managers, next-generation leaders, pro-athletes, entertainers, and affluent families, TLH offers a comprehensive range of services across ten categories, including family trust services, legal advisory, financial planning, family governance, lifestyle concierge, family business advisory, family charities, property advisory, tax advisory, and advisory coordination.